Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Public Safety Addresses

The Emergency Services and utility companies have requested an updated more accurate addressing system to find the addresses in the County in a timely manner. Because of the growth in the County, the current addressing system is not adequate and the addressing needs to fit the GIS system.

The following is the site addresses for the Morrill Meadowbrook Ranch:

Will and May Morrill home - 3374 East Meadowbrook Road, Teasdale UT 84773

Merlin Morrill home - 3351 East Meadowbrook Road, Teasdale UT 84773

Wenzle Morrill home
- 1702 South 3300 East, Teasdale UT 84773

Dellos Morrill homes - 1644 South Meadowbrook Road and 1654 South Meadowbrook Road, Teasdale UT 84773

The County is in the process of changing all the road signs. The signs will be updated with the addressing systerm. These signs are county property, vandalism or stealing of signs will be prosecuted. This change has been designed to promote public safety.

Notice by the Wayne County Commission

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