Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Pioneer Scout of Hole in the Rock

George Drury Morrill

Hole-in-the-Rock, advance scout, Dec 1879-Jan 1880. George Washington Sevy, Lemuel Hardison Redd and George Hobbs were his companions to blaze a trail to Montezuma, Utah. This journey took 24 days instead of the planned eight. They became lost, suffered from starvation and witnessed a miracle of the mountain sheep at the Grey Mesa. Upon completion of this exploration, he returned home to his family.

The central panel of the new monument to the Mormon pioneers in the "Hole in the Rock" expedition that settled southeastern Utah in 1880. The monument says:


This memorial is in honor of the men, women and children of the San Juan Mission who came to the area in 1880 in answer to a call from their church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). These Mormon pioneers overcame challenges of unparalleled difficulty as they blazed a road through some of the most broken and rugged terrain in North America, including a path throught the Colorado River gorge via a crevice they named The Hole-in-the-Rock. The challenges of reaching the area were only surpassed by the formidable task of settling the San Juan frontier.

"No pioneer company ever built a wagon road through wilder, rougher, more inhospitable country . . . None ever demonstrated more courage, faith, and devotion to cause . . ." Dr. David E. Miller, Historian

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Andrea - said...

This is great! Thanks for starting this blog up. Makes me homesick for the ranch and red dirt already! Wish the reunion were there this year--but I understand why it isn't. Sigh!


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